In a Nutshell!


In a nutshell!

Hello There!

We are Egypt Photo Summit, what we do is simple, get the whole photography and media community together, throughout a week.

They come to share, explore and exchange ideas, experiences and inspirations.

That’s not our only job, we also think that the eco-system needs glue, we are that glue, sticking together brands, community school and centers, exhibition halls, industry professionals, studios and much much more!


Know Why,,,


Egypt Photo Summit, has expanded to a bigger entity titled EGYPT PHOTO WEEK.

At EPS, there are many benefits, 1 that there is more than 20+ Hours of Hardcore Photography!

We gather the biggest crowd of photography in one place in Egypt, the biggest brands, and all of the community entities to bring you a heavy meal of photography and media.

And let’s not forget that we also bring together industry experts and leaders to share their experiences and move on the torch to the newer generations of media, and photography production.


No Portfolio? No Problem..

EPS has your back, with the biggest photoshoot you can think of, throughout the event we bring you many activities and shows so you and all of our 2000+ attendees can get your photo game on and shoot great endless photos.

The only advice we have is charge your batteries, and bring along a lot of memory cards..


Come in and show the Egyptian photo industry your best works.

At the EPS exhibition we give you the biggest space possible to showcase your best work, so that other photographers, industry leaders, and outsiders get to know who you are, what do you do, and maybe even ask you for your services.

Getting your name out there should be your main focus and that is the sole purpose of the EPS exhibition.


A lot..


Egypt Photo Summit is expanding its horizons as we all should, we are using our third day to tap into new areas, ideas and opportunities. Therefore, Egypt Photo Summit will be arranging the first ever Egyptian Media Summit named ” Media Summit Egypt”.

The Media Summit, will follow Egypt Photo Summit as a part of Egypt Photo Week’s 3rd day. We believe that the future of the photography industry does not lie in keeping it as a lone industry but integration within the media industry.

The media industry as a whole received more than 2.5 Billion Egyptian Pounds between 2015 and 2016 only. And we believe we can capitalize on that number to help creatives breaking into that industry since it is one of the harder industries to become a part of.

Media Summit Egypt with invite pioneers from all poles of the media industry to share insights and deliver their experiences to newcomers, amateurs and enthusiasts into expanding their horizons and break into that industry with real creative and technical know-how.


We will all come together with that new generation of cameras, that are attached to the backs of our phones, along side great software to edit, compose and more.

The mobile today is no different than a DSLR and a computer,, you can shoot, edit and publish from the palm of your hands.

But, there is a trick, just like there is art to DSLRs, Mirrorless, and other types of cameras, there is an art to mobile photography, the technical aspect is much different, when it comes to dynamic range, resolution, color rendition, lens angles and much more..

And we embrace new technologies, and want to learn how to use them. Therefore we will partner with one of the top cell phone production companies in an exclusive bespoke photowalk with one of the industry leading pros to go on a long walk around town to learn, take, edit and publish the best photos there is with a cell phone!